What is Trauma Counselling?

Trauma is the body’s response to an emotionally charged event that can have severe effects on an individuals’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This occurs in response to an external stressor, which can vary in terms of its severity – something that one person may be able to brush off, could be severely traumatic for another.

People who have undergone a trauma may find themselves reliving the event – even through dreams. They may find themselves unable to move past that point in their lives, and function effectively because of it. In this case, online trauma counselling is recommended. Trauma can bring with it physical consequences like insomnia, loss of appetite and/or headaches; as well as emotional consequences like feelings of anger or fear.

Online trauma counselling attempts to assist the client in coming to terms with the aftermath of the trauma – the way it made the client feel, emotions associated with it, and the like.

Trauma may include anything from childhood physical and/or sexual abuse, adulthood assault or sexual assault, loss of a loved one, divorce, infidelity, separation, bullying, abusive parenting to many seemingly less important but equally distressing events (depending on how they are interpreted by the individual).

While seemingly “forgotten” these memories survive in the format of stored emotional layers that can result in other abnormal thoughts or behaviours into your present relationships. Trauma (including PTSD/CPTSD) is recognised as one of the biggest contributing factors in addiction, depression, anxiety and a wide range of conditions or behaviours that can affect your wellbeing.

You may consider engaging in our Online Structured Programme as a more in depth process, before moving to individual online sessions.

Will Trauma Counselling Help Me?

Everyone has suffered negative (traumatic) experiences throughout the course of their life. When this traumatic experience becomes unbearable to live with, involves bad dreams and reliving the experience, online trauma counselling should be considered. There is no trauma too small or too big – we are all different, and we all experience things differently.

Trauma counselling aims to equip you with coping mechanisms and encourages a move away from living in the past. Where trauma has occurred, and the feelings associated with it have been suppressed, trauma counselling aims to make sense of and validate these feelings, in order that the client may move forward and thrive.

In the case of a robbery, hijacking, divorce or separation, loss of a job or a loved one, rape, car accident, illness or even in the case of a natural disaster, trauma counselling is recommended. While these are extreme examples of trauma, these are not the only ones that require treatment – bullying, childhood neglect, harsh, critical parenting and any kind of abuse cannot be overlooked. Any event that is perceived as negative, and is negatively impacting on your life can benefit from online trauma counselling.

Trauma Counselling

This type of counselling is about to responding to traumatic events that have occurred in the clients life.  It enables the client to look at situations differently and and stop living their lives within that trauma.

TherapyNow Therapists assist with CPTSD/ PTSD and childhood adverse trauma.

If the cause of your trauma is related to the loss of a loved one, you can also consider bereavement counselling or grief counselling or even personalised counselling. In some cases, it can be helpful to include your spouse in the process, so that they can assist you in the healing process by offering their support, and having a better understanding of what you are going through.

Group counselling is extremely beneficial too, as it allows you to share with people who have had similar experiences.

Consider engaging in the in depth Online Structured Programme offered in 1 month increments.

Trauma is not what happens to you. It's what happens INSIDE you as a result of what happened to you.

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