TherapyNow partners with I-MED Vision

TherapyNow and I-MED Vision enters partnership

I Med VisionTherapyNow has partnered with I Med Vision to run their mental health project in the Masakhane Community just outside Gansbaai in South Africa. We will be running the program and working with I Med Vision community members, creating awareness around anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, gender-based violence, substance abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, postpartum depression, and any other mental health struggles community members might be experiencing.

I Med Vision was started in 2018 by Dr Barbel Reckhardt and Dr Markus Reckhardt. Their vision is to empower and educate underprivileged South Africans through the use of an online app that provides information about health, childhood development, and small-step ecology. They both regularly visit South Africa even though they are based in Germany where Barbel works as a Pediatrician and a Systemic counsellor, coach, and mediator. Markus is head of Psychiatry at the Centre of Neurology and Pain Management Klinikum Niederlausitz and a Professor at the Brandenburg University of Technology.

TherapyNow feels honoured to be a part of its vision of creating awareness and support for struggling people.

TherapyNow partners with I-MED Vision
Masakhane Community members, I-Med Africa and TherapyNow meeting via Skype with the founders and head of I-MED Vision, Markus and Barbel Reckhardt (both based in Germany).

*Photography by Clare Louise Thomas

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