Therapy for Therapists & Supervision

Doctors also get sick. And they take advise from colleagues.

TherapyNow provides a safe online space for Therapists to unpack personal issues that are triggered through supporting clients. Without the fear of being professionally compromised or undermined.

The same client privileges extended to patients is extended to therapists. Specially trained and experienced ThreapyNow Therapists will give you the support and input that you need for yourself.

Statements like “you know what to do” or ” you should know better” are extremely unhelpful and damaging. You will receive a discreet, safe space that is accessible anywhere to discuss what you are needing.

Supervision is a requirement for being a professional counsellor. For when you are uncertain of the way forward for a client or if you simply need a sounding board. TherapyNow can assist you.



  • We carefully listen to your story without judgement
  • We listen to what you are saying and what you are not saying
  • We work through each issue, with you, as it comes up
  • We work with you to shift what you want to change
  • We do not assume, we simply offer support, guidance & tools
Discreet & Affordable
No Downtime
Accessible Anywhere
Schedule immediately

Therapy for Therapists

Therapy is an important part of a therapists life and is a basic form of self care.

The emotional stress that comes with listening and supporting others often brings up our own issues and this needs to be supported. It is important to have a safe, confidential space to work through your own issues so that you can give of your best to your clients.

Having an online therapist available to you removes many constraints in you receiving the support that you need. Online Therapy is discreet, convenient and affordable.

Supervision in South Africa

Supervision provides ongoing support and advice from experienced therapists. This is a space to ask difficult and complex questions.

You may need a second opinion or additional insight.

Supervision is essential for therapist self care and emotional de-sressing.

TherapyNow offers this service online, to therapists who would like to sharpen their skills, offer their best to their clients and remain unbiased, objective and not be fatigued by the process of therapy for patients.

How TherapyNow Can Help You

TherapyNow's skilled and experienced online Therapists have an integrated approach

using a variety of tools, services and evidence-based therapies that are designed

specifically to support your personal growth journey as an individual.