Telepsychology And Recovery

As one of South Africa’s foremost treatment centres for mental health and recovery. The Cape Town-based centre Recovery Direct covers a broad range of options for people that are struggling with substances, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and a wide range of relationships orientated issues.

Recovering Direct rehab Cape Town has long been helping people through crisis situations. The centre operates a care model based on appreciative talk therapy.

This format of talk therapy is by far one of the most successful talk therapy techniques as it uses the collective insights of a multidisciplinary team of qualified counsellors. This format of treatment enables the patient to adapt to the specific styles of talk therapy that are most conducive to their recovery.

This is substantially different from the away normal therapy relationships work in private practice. In that, there are far greater resources available to each councillor inside the team dynamic. Treatment inside the inpatient centre can this be adjusted to what best suits the patient. This narrows the gap for finding congruence with the patient to advanced therapy as quickly as possible while still being mindful of the patients best interests.

Recovery Direct centre in the wake of COVID-19 has launched a number of online counselling services that can be used across a broad spectrum of affordability options. The inpatient centre is certainly the most expensive option however it is also probably one of the best options due to the number of individual one-on-one therapy sessions.

Counselling groups are available by monthly subscription or all for free on Facebook live from the Recovery Direct Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Unlike many of the zoom streams for anonymous or 12 step groups, the Recovery Direct online recovery academy and all group and free stream meetings are conducted by qualified therapists and counsellors with special interest areas.

The free online recovery course is based on modern understandings of addiction recovery including trauma-based models and relationship therapy.

Also, see online rehab for more information on telepsychology in South Africa.

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