Teenagers ( age 13 to 19 )

The life of a teenager changes every day as they are developing their personalities and feelings about the world around them.
During the time of becoming a teenager their bodies and emotions start changing.

If you are observing signs that your teenager might be struggling with life, relationships, friendships, and school please reach out to a TherapyNow counselor who can help you and your teenager. There may be mental health warning signs that you might be missing.

Teenagers experience feelings they may need help with:

  • feeling overwhelmed and stressed
  • anger and frustration
  • agitation and anxiety
  • sadness
  • tired, unmotivated, and lack of energy

How do I support my teenager?

1. Encourage your teenager to talk to you about their feelings

  • Find ways that you can connect with them about their daily activities. Take the time to prepare a meal with them, go for a drive with them, and ask them about their friends or interests.
  • Take the time to remind them regularly that you are available for them and that you are invested and interested in their thoughts and feelings. Find ways to encourage them to open up to you such as complimenting them on their dress sense, the positive choices they are making, their great sense of humour, or their ability to be patient and tolerant during a time in their lives when it is challenging.
  • Provide them with the space to be vulnerable and make mistakes.It is important to help them understand that you know that they are experiencing emotions that are uncomfortable. Respond to them by saying….” I understand ” and ” what you feeling and saying makes sense”.

2. Supporting your teenager

– Support your teenager by setting new routines and as well as goals that your teen feels can be achieved
– Find ways to work through conflict together, and reach out to a counselor to assist in ways to resolve conflict.
– Connect with your teen by putting time aside in their schedule to take breaks, see friends,
– A huge part of their development is about having independence. They need space, allow them the space to self-regulate, be by themselves, or spend time with friends.
– Work with your teen to troubleshoot conflict or challenging emotions, and help them find solutions.

3. Conflict

– Your teen is in the process of developing their own sense of the world around them. It is important to listen to their points of view and not react to conflict without being calm.
– As a parent or adult it is important to walk away from conflict situations and not to discuss issues with your teen when you are angry.
– Power struggles are unavoidable, however, try your best not to engage as the world around them already feels completely unpredictable and your teen is most probably already feeling overwhelmed and struggling to control the world around them. An alternative to a power struggle is stating: “I understand and feel that it must be very hard for you to feel disempowered or overwhelmed, how can we sit together and think of a way that we can find a solution?”
– It is important to be vulnerable with your teen and let them know that you are also experiencing extra overwhelm and stress, however, this is how you are going to try and deal with it…walking away when you feel angry or upset, taking some time to calm down, that you are allowed to feel the way that you do you just can’t react in a way that is hurtful or harmful to others. That
you also need time to process feelings and ideas and when everyone has calmed down you can discuss solutions.

4. As an adult, take time to look after yourself

– Self-care for yourself is an imperative part of this process as you need the time to self-regulate. Your teen will automatically start following the ways you self-care.
– If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask for help, and book a session with a counselor who can guide and help you. There is no shame in not knowing how to deal with your teen, they are all different, and unique and come with their own sets of struggles. Give yourself permission to find get the support you need.
– Find ways to destress e,g Yoga, walking, breathing, see friends, sticking to your own routine, and finding things that you can feel empower you and help you feel proud of the world you have created.

Why Online Counseling works well with Teens:

At TherapyNow we have found that a large number of our teenage clients prefer communicating online to in person as being online has become a familiar space for them to be vulnerable. They also find it much easier to communicate through text, FaceTime, and Video calls.

Often teens feel embarrassed about going to therapy sessions for fear that they might be seen by friends or peers. Through engaging with online therapy your teen can have counseling in the comfort of their home, in their bedroom where they can feel safe.

Online therapy would also mean that your teen would not have to interrupt their schedules and counseling can happen after hours or on weekends.

The most important part of counseling is that your teen feels safe and comfortable in order to be able to open up and talk about what is really going on for them.


Four things you can do to support your teen’s mental health: Show your teenager love and care, while looking after yourself
Accessed:19 January 2023.
Available: https://www.unicef.org/parenting/health/four-things-you-can-do-support-your-teens-mental-health

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