Student Wellness Counseling

At TherapyNow, we are dedicated to helping students remain healthy mentally by making positive choices as they pursue their academic goals. We provide professional counselling services to students as we understand the value of a balanced and healthy lifestyle as well as the early detection and treatment of all mental health conditions.

We aim to ensure that whatever issues you may be experiencing have the least amount of impact on your academic life. Our counsellors are here to support and empower you in developing your true potential, improving your mental health and wellness, and helping you achieve your academic and personal goals.

What can you expect from counselling?

TherapyNow is a safe space for you to speak openly and receive assistance to move through your problems that are negatively impacting you, with freedom and without judgment. We offer a discreet online session with your dedicated personal counsellor via an online platform of your choice. As we believe the most important part of counselling is having a connection and positive rapport with your counsellor, students are able to switch between counsellors as they see fit in order to find the counsellor with whom they are able to connect.

Why students need to reach out to counsellors:

We all experience a time in our lives and studies when we feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or burnt out. Having someone to talk to who is not going to judge you, but rather listen to what you have to say is important. It might be difficult to speak about what is troubling you but the reality is that this is what you need most.

It is important to us that you know you are not alone. Know that having a form of resistance to counseling is normal as there is a fear of vulnerability or concern that sessions may not be confidential. Whether you may be experiencing thoughts of nobody understanding you, intimate partner or dating violence, harassment, sexual assault, or are in any form of crisis where you feel you cannot cope and are all alone, we are here to provide a supportive, confidential space in a TherapyNow counseling session.

Student Counselling
Student Counselling
Student Counselling


  • We carefully listen to your story without judgement
  • We listen to what you are saying and what you are not saying
  • We work through each issue, with you, as it comes up
  • We work with you to shift what you want to change
  • We do not assume, we simply offer support, guidance & tools
Discreet Affordable
No Downtime
Accessible Anywhere
Schedule immediately

Why TherapyNow?

TherapyNow is a safe virtual space for you to speak your story and receive assistance to move through your situation that is negatively impacting you, with freedom and without judgment. Having an online personal counsellor can help you gain a new perspective and find a way forward. TherapyNow Counsellors are experienced, qualified, and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Schedule a discreet and secure online session with your dedicated personal counsellors via Zoom, Google Meet or WhatsApp.


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