Online counselling with Omashree

$ 41

Online counselling from R750 for Individuals, R850 for Couples and R1700 for Family Counselling Sessions (2hr minimum requirement).

Abuse Counselling (Drugs, alcohol, gambling); Anxiety and Stress Counselling; Adjustments to different stages of life Counselling; Couples Counselling; Divorce Counselling; Domestic Violence Counselling; Employee Wellness Counselling; Gender-Based Violence Counselling;
Grief Counselling; Individual Counselling; LGBTQIA + Friendly; Marriage Counselling; Trauma Counselling


Looking for a Counsellor that you can connect with, that creates a confidential space for you to be open and honest, without fear of judgement or criticism? Whether you are seeking, or referred for counselling, it remains a very personal, difficult and scary decision/step to take. Sometimes it can be a very lonely road, but the results are rewarding and life-changing. I aim to help my clients achieve these rewards by making this journey as comfortable as possible for them whilst walking next to them as they work their way through these “new and “unchartered” waters.
I was drawn to this profession through my own life experiences, which provided me with the ability to understand common patterns that affect most people. My goal is to hold a safe space for my clients as I walk beside them in navigating their own life’s journey and challenges.
“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination” – Carl Rogers