Online counselling with Sameer

$ 41

Online counselling from R750 for Individuals, R850 for Couples and R1700 for Family Counselling Sessions (2hr minimum requirement).

Integrative Mental Health (Counselling, Coaching, & NLP); Men’s Mental Health; Relationships; Trauma; Anxiety, Stress, and/or Depression; Behaviour and habits; Wellness & Wellbeing; Life & Success Coaching; Personal growth and development; Consciousness and Sexuality


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

I have been working in the healing industry for over a decade and have been a therapist for nearly half that time. I create safe spaces to catalyze deep healing and transformation through a unique integration of counselling, coaching and NLP, alongside experiential learning (including a range of tailored workshops, courses, programs and soon, retreats).

I have been working on different levels of society, which includes individuals, couples, and groups within both community and organisational settings. I assist people to connect more deeply with themselves (and others), to release fear & disharmony, to embrace love & abundance, to tap into inner-strength and to ultimately experience more joy, more connection, and more fulfillment in every area of life.

I am a dedicated learner and researcher, constantly honing my craft to ensure I offer the best possible service to my client’s. My favourite quote definitely influences the way that I live my life: “We are all one-winged angels, and by embracing each other – we can fly!”