Residential (In Patient) Trauma and Addiction Rehabilitation Centres

There are times where treatment requires a more intensive process than outpatient therapy will permit.

Residential treatment may be applicable to individuals suffering from committable issues, severe substance misuse requiring medical treatment or physical intervention or severely detrimental behaviours that pose a risk.

In such cases, we would recommend the admission to an approved mental health treatment centre.

TherapyNow Referral Network

The referral network includes various treatment centres and psychiatric care professionals that are able to address both DSM5 diagnosed disorders .

High-risk individuals (with imminent suicidal risks, medical detox requirements) are referred into facilities until stabilised, thereafter may continue online therapy together with their respective close proximity mental health professionals.

Residential Facility Admissions

TherapyNow Therapists may need to refer individuals to a residential treatment centre. Once an initial online session has been conducted, you can make the decision with your Therapist. If you do go into a centre, your TherapyNow Therapist will be ready to continue your online aftercare recovery programme.




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