Privacy Policy

Therapy now is a booking system designed to enable users to book therapy sessions online with registered counsellors calendars. The system uses Google's Online calendar features via API to reserve sessions with therapists. This consent to access individual Google calendars is provided securely through each therapist Gmail account whereby access to their personal calendars is granted to the website.

At no stage is calendar access made public and at any stage authorized therapists may disengage their Google Calendar features to manually manage bookings. on booking collects availability times from the assigned therapist's calendar and updates their calendar in available slots programmatically and transparently to the end-users that simply receive standard meeting requests from Google in their inbox.

Users of the system warrant that they are aware that TherapyNow performs calendar management functions on their behalf and provide explicit consent for to so.

Accounts created by users of are subject to our terms and conditions outlined here. No personal information is stored or required outside of the minimal information to manage the intended account for the purpose of making bookings.

In order to manage registered users sessions makes use of text cookies to maintain logged in and logged out states as well as user behaviour on this website. If you would like to know more about how TherapyNow uses cookies, please click here.