Impact Therapy in South Africa

What is Impact Therapy?

Everyone is different – for some people, abstract concepts are easy to grasp, and can result in meaningful change. However, for others, change is easier in the face of concrete examples. This is the purpose of Impact therapy – to make an impact on the client that will result in long term change. Online Impact Therapy is brief and multisensory in nature, meaning that instead of just focusing on a single sense, like hearing, it aims to engage all of them.

This type of therapy is solution-focused, and aims to cut out extraneous detail and concentrate only on the problem at hand, with the end goal of improving the client’s life. It is quite theory-driven, and generally follows a specific structure. The client is an active participant in virtual Impact therapy, and it aims to empower through involvement and through a focus on the rational. Where other types of therapy focus more on the past, Impact therapy only engages with the past as a means to improving the future. It challenges negative thoughts or beliefs that people may have of themselves, and replaces them with positive, adaptive thoughts instead.

How Can Impact Therapy Help Me?

Anyone who prefers counselling that is structured and theory-driven will profit from Impact therapy. Because Impact therapy is concrete and clear, people who prefer logic will find it to their liking. People who engage in negative self-talk, have a tendency toward low self-confidence and dependence could also find Impact therapy beneficial. Further, anyone struggling with addiction, relationship problems, stagnancy in their lives or relationships or battling to let go of the past should consider this type of therapy. If the aim is self-improvement, healthier thought patterns and relationships, and freedom from the past, Impact therapy is one way to get there.

Individual or personal psychotherapy can help for those who prefer a more spontaneous approach to counselling. Impact therapy can also be helpful for couples.

Impact Therapy in South Africa

Impact Therapy is a versatile, multi-sensory and creative approach to counselling that is concrete, rather than abstract in nature. This type of therapy is thought-provoking and action-oriented, and it challenges negative perceptions that clients may have about themselves.

One of the most powerful forces in human nature is our belief that change is possible

Shawn Achor