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You have a right to be heard. And helped.

You can tell your story, in your own words and narrative, about your lived experiences and how it’s impacted your present thinking, ability to feel, and ability to engage in decision making.

When one has an opportunity to tell your story in your own words, in a space that is safe, and without fear of judgment or condemnation, one is freed from the heaviness of holding it all in.  One can process the emotion: Shame. Guilt. Helplessness. Powerlessness. Sadness. Despair. Anger. Rage.

Speaking your truth may be terrifying, liberating, relieving, cathartic.

You may be uncomfortable or not even have the words. Especially if you are used to keeping it all in.

When you are ready to speak, reach out. Schedule a session to feel out this whole counselling thing.

Your TherapyNow Counsellor will meet you where you are at – whether you’re comfortable voicing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences – or uncomfortable because it might be your first time.

We will ask you to teach us first about how you’ve coped and survived because there is strength in that. And then we will ask you what you’d like from us, how best we could support you. We will not assume to know what is best for you. We will offer thoughts, guidance, tools, and support with credible training and experience to back it up.

TherapyNow Counsellors has experience from one of the most exclusive and innovative Treatment Centres in South Africa. They are able to assist you with insight, compassion, and non-judgment.

Schedule your counselling sessions online to start your journey. You can read more about our Online Recovery Outpatient Programme here.




TherapyNow's skilled and experienced Counsellors have an integrated approach and use therapies that are designed specifically to support your personal growth journey as an individual.

We may recommend additional counsellors or tools to assist you on your journey.


Information provided verbally in counselling sessions; written material in the form of psychology tools information handouts, video guides, or courseware designed to augment therapeutic effects.


How cognitive choices, such as meal decisions, influence nutrition, psychological health, and overall health and wellbeing. Providing professional support as needed.

Sleep hygiene routines

Strong sleep hygiene means having both a bedroom environment and daily routines that promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep.

Somatic therapies

Somatic therapies are body-centered modalities that facilitate the connection of mind, emotions and body for holistic healing.


Affirmations are positive reminders or statements that can be used to encourage and motivate yourself or others. Shifting away from negative thought patterns to encourage better self-talk conversations.


Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in the moment - fully aware of where you are and what you're doing. Not being overly reactive or overwhelmed by what is happening around to you.

Exercise & physical movement

Exercise / yoga / dance / Pilates / martial arts etc. Physical movement helps re-energise the mind and body and provides an outlet and assists in regulating feelings.


Meditation is about focused attention and awareness. Observing your thoughts and feelings without judgement. Simply noting them for what they are. There are various techniques and assistive tools to help you gain clarity, a sense of calm and new perspective.


Journaling or writing counselling involves writing down your thoughts and feelings to give them a space to go and provide clarity around them.


Defining boundaries is a process of determining what behaviour you will accept from other people and what you will not. Boundaries show where one thing ends and another begins.


We look at your mental processes – thoughts, beliefs, habits of mind

We seek to understand your emotional state

Including any coping mechanisms you have in place – anything that affects your ability to self regulate.

We review your physical wellbeing

The need for medical attention, psychiatry, nutrition, sleep hygiene, breathing

We delve into your spiritual self

Your sense of self and where you fit into the world – your social circle, family, community etc


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