What is Family Counselling?

Family therapy seeks to understand people through their family relationships. Very often our behaviours are connected to the behaviours we have learned from our immediate families. Family therapy helps by guiding these complex relationships toward meaningful understandings for all.

What happens to one member of the family has an impact on all members of the family. A disruption in one system causes a disruption of the entire system. We work with the family as a unit, understanding that many circumstances are connected and that we are working toward a solution for everyone.

TherapyNow offers an integrated Family Support Structure.

Counselling sessions are set up between partners, siblings and various combinations of family members. Treatment for the family is essential because one of the premises of family therapy is that what happens to one family member, happens to all family members.

The recovery rate of the entire family is significantly accelerated when each member, individually and collectively undergo counselling support alongside the initial patient.

Family therapy is never about blame, shame, guilt or fear. Family therapy is about creating a platform to resolve issues that have happened between family members. We examine the assigned roles and events that have occurred within the family structure and how these roles and scenarios can establish a path forward.

The modern dynamic, and even understanding, of what makes up a ‘family’ is totally different to what it was even 10 years ago. Divorce is more prevalent, and economic issues mean that all parties need to work and contribute to the family economic system. This, sadly, can result in less time for family, and can lead to problems with communication between family members, or strained relationships.

Family counselling focuses on restoring these bonds, encouraging communication and teaching each family member how to play their part, so that everything runs smoothly. Counselling can even aid family members in hashing out their differences so that each party can understand how the others feel.

Family counselling can help members have a voice, and express their feelings and their needs, so that these can be met. The aim of family counselling is to decrease stress, enhance communication and reduce conflict between family members for the purpose of maximising family functioning.

Can Family Counselling Help My Family?

Every family has issues – some are easily resolved, but some are not. A counsellor can help gain perspective and mediate as required.

Things like the loss of a loved one, separation, divorce, moving to a new town, city or province, loss of the income of one parent or any trauma that impacts the whole family, are some of the issues that can benefit from family counselling. Grief Counselling can help in any of these mentioned. Parents who are battling with their kids or the transition to teens, could also consider parental guidance.

Family Counselling seeks to create understanding and therefore improve the quality of family relationships.

Family Counselling in South Africa

Family Counselling is aimed at improving communication between family members, enhancing the quality of relationships, strengthening bonds and increasing the overall happiness of the whole family. This type of therapy is recommended if parents are going through, or considering, divorce; blended families; relationship counselling is needed; one family member is presenting with substance misuse or a disorder; sexual orientation needs to be discussed and any other issue.

Oftentimes, issues can just come down family members not understanding another and finding a voice and safe space to unpack it all.


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The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

Esther Perel

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