Expat Counselling

Supports for expacts before they leave and when they arrive

Our Expats Experience

TherapyNow provides support for ExPats living in foreign countries as we understand that being in a foreign country can be a scary and lonely experience. Our clients have found that it is difficult to settle into the new environment as it’s far away from family, friends, pets and anything that might have been familiar. We have found at TherapyNow that our expats have experienced feelings of depression, anxiety as well as guilt.

This is where our clients have felt that TherapyNow has played a vital role. TherapyNow provides online counselling which can be accessed anytime, anywhere on whichever online platform you choose. This allows you to have a confidential online platform where you can talk and connect with an experienced counsellor who will be able to provide you with the support you need.

Our clients have expressed feeling supported, and understood and those feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness are significantly decreased which has led to a much smoother integration into their new country.

Expat CounsellingTherapyNow Creates a Space and helps build bridges between two continents.

A TherapyNow counsellor is able to assist in creating a space to fill the gap of loneliness, providing skills, coping mechanisms and most importantly listening to everything that is new and different. TherapyNow provides online counselling not just for individuals but also for couples and families as a whole. Often expats find themselves in the country adjusting while their family is still in the country of origin. Online therapy is highly beneficial during this time as couples therapy can carry on as normal even when couples live in different time zones, continents or countries.

TherapyNow provides the platform where we can help mediate and assist in guiding couples and families through their struggles.

Starting Therapy Before Leaving your country…

We suggest starting therapy before you depart as this helps build a relationship with your counsellor and for them to get the best understanding of your current home life. This can be very important for families who are in the position of leaving with their significant other and children and then feel completely isolated and alone when arriving in the new country while their partner is at work and children are busy integrating into a new school environment. This can all be extremely overwhelming and we are here to support, listen and understand you.

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