Why is Couples Counselling So Important in a Relationship?

One of the most important relationships in anyone’s lives is the one they share with their spouse or partner. Multiple needs are met through this relationship, and, if it is healthy, it can bring enormous amounts of joy, security and contentment to both parties. However, when it is unhealthy, it can end up causing resentment and unhappiness instead. Online Couples Counselling, or marriage counselling, is aimed at strengthening romantic relationships, facilitating communication and compromise, where necessary.

Due to the fact each party in the relationship was raised by different families with different backgrounds and viewpoints, no couple can expect to come together and never experience conflict. And while a certain level of conflict is normal, healthy even when it escalates to harsh, hurtful words or physical outbursts, if it has become unhealthy the couple should consider counselling.

Online Couples Counselling can help the parties to align their expectations of one another, negotiate new expectations that are acceptable to both parties (where necessary), and, in the case of children, ensure that the parents are on the same page when it comes to raising them.

The benefit of online couples counselling is that it allows each party to see things through the perspective of their significant other and thus can foster deeper bonds and a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, one another.  Schedule here now.

When To Consider Couples Counselling?

Couples who are considering a separation or divorce should strongly consider online couples counselling before they go through with it, or, if they have already done so, should do it in order to adjust to and cope with the new demands placed on their lives, especially if there are children involved. If the relationship simply seems stale, or boring, or if arguments escalate to screaming fights, or even in the case of infidelity, couples counselling can help. Issues like sex, alcoholism, money, in-laws or children, on which each party has differing views, can also be addressed in couples counselling.

Grief Counselling is helpful to process the loss of the the past in many cases.

Couples who are about to get married can also benefit from premarital counselling, to iron out those niggly issues before they become full-blown problems.


Couples Counselling in South Africa

Online Couple counselling involves specifically dealing with issues that arise in the course of a romantic relationship between two individuals. This type of virtual counselling is aimed at improving communication between both parties, re-establishing emotional connections, and renegotiating commitment, where necessary.

Marriage counselling looks at present-day events as opposed to the past. It deals largely with the 'here and now' and the immediate challenges of married life with the view to getting the relationship back on track. Couples counselling however may deal with the 'here and now' but it may also revisit the history that may have caused unhealthy patterns of relating or coping within the relationship.

The main issues that arise in a relationship have to do with stress which can be caused by many different issues, such as financial difficulty, lack of intimacy, family, mental or physical illness. This can all lead to stress for the whole family and children.  Online Counselling can assist in all cases: family, individual counselling, intimacy support, adolescent counselling or even parent guidance can help.


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