Marriage Counselling for the Stages of Life

The cycles of family life & marriage

Outline of the family life cycle model According to Ann Petty (2006:40) in the 1950’s, there was a widely used family life cycle proposed by Duvall that focused on eight stages; ranging from newly married to the death of a...Continue reading

Women in Therapy

Why Women Inspire Us

I began my counselling journey working at Rape Crisis, an all-woman NGO. Men were not left out, we counselled them and men were included in advocacy programs. Yet, it was witnessed to the power of women to exhibit both resilience...Continue reading

Always make your own sunshine

In the times that we live in today, where social media has this insidious, persistent effect on our everyday lives, we are so much more aware of the goings-on of our fellow man than we ever were in the past....Continue reading

Money & Relationships: a volatile match

Before the 80’s men traditionally went to work and brought home the paycheck, while women stayed home and looked after the house and the kids.  Today, this is completely unachievable or desired for many. It is no longer financially feasible...Continue reading

7 Kinds of Love: All Love is not Equal

Love means so many different things to so many different people, and in the same way, applies totally differently in different contexts. We can usually distinguish between the love we have for friends, and the love we have family –...Continue reading


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