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Why TherapyNow?

Counselling and Online Therapy in South Africa

The research suggests that online counselling can be just as effective as in-office counselling albeit relatively new in South Africa.

TherapyNow is a safe space for you to speak your story and receive assistance to move through your situation that is negatively impacting you, with freedom and without judgment. Having a personal online counsellor can help you gain a new perspective and find a way forward.

TherapyNow counsellors have experience in one of the most exclusive and innovative inpatient treatment centres in South Africa. Online counselling has become a quick and easy way to get professional mental health counseling services.

Schedule a discreet and secure online session with your dedicated personal counsellors via Zoom, Google Meet or WhatsApp.

Our Approach

  • We carefully listen to your story without judgement
  • We listen to what you are saying and what you are not saying
  • We work through each issue, with you, as it comes up
  • We work with you to shift what you want to change
  • We do not assume, we simply offer support, guidance & tools

How TherapyNow Can Help You

TherapyNow's skilled and experienced counsellors have an integrated approach using a variety of tools, services, and evidence-based therapies that are designed specifically to support your personal growth journey as an individual.

Why Companies need TherapyNow

Stress and Anxiety have severely increased in the last three years which has led to us at TherapyNow providing an online counselling platform. TherapyNow offers an online platform where clients can reach their counselor via an online platform. At TherapyNow we have been told by our clients that they have experienced a severe decrease in anxiety and depression as they feel less alone and can talk to their counselor from the comfort of their home or even from the car or office.

Our TherapyNow clients spend the majority of their time occupied with work even though they are dealing with depression, loneliness, and anxiety. If these struggles are not addressed productivity in the workplace decreases which can also lead to mood swings, absenteeism, lack of motivation, mental health leave, sick leave, substance dependency, and lack of effective communication between employees.

There is more and more research showing that the companies that invest in their employees’ mental health inspire economic efficiency in their businesses as employees feel supported and worth investing in. Companies can support the mental well-being of their employees by providing them with a confidential space which will lead to a company with happier, well-rounded employees, who are motivated and reliable.

Counselling provides an online platform where employers and employees can learn about communication skills, build on the leadership and gain insight into how to best support and encourage the individuals in their companies to get the help they need.

Meet our Counsellors

Elza Berk

Being emotionally bare and vulnerable is scary, which is why you may be hiding behind emotionally numbing behaviour, especially when having to face it on your own.

I am here to help you feel that you are not alone and that the pain, shame, and grief can be walked through and sat with, in a confidential, safe environment.

Specialities & professional interests:
Difficult and challenging emotions
Difficulties & challenges around food
Substance dependence

Diploma in counselling
20 years of working in some of South Africa's most pristine Rehabilitation Centres.
Over 20 years of experience working with Substance Abuse and Eating disorders.

Language: English & Afrikaans

Counselling is done on whichever online platform suits the client, including texting and audio.

Juanita Ragbeer

From a young age, I always tried to help and encourage others when they needed it the most. It was then that I realised I will pursue my studies in the field of psychology to fulfil this purpose. Psychology is not only a passion of mine but also a calling to be able to guide and advise others where possible.

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of any other need. In every person's life there comes a time that could be difficult to navigate. My goal is to help my clients navigate this journey in a safe and confidential space where they are free to express themselves.

Specialised and Professional Interests:
Substance Dependence
Relationship Counselling
Family Counselling
Bereavement Counselling
Career guidance
Stress Management
Living with long Covid

Qualification and experience:
10 years of experience working in private practice and higher education.
Degree in Psychological Counselling from UNISA.
BPsych Equivalent Honours from UNISA.
Registered Counsellor (Practice number 0508772) since 2012 with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

Languages: English & Hindi

Counselling is facilitated on whichever online platform suits the client, including texting and audio.

Megan Andrew

Talking about one's problems can be an intimidating prospect. Deciding to find help is a courageous step in the right direction and ultimately a huge investment in oneself. In the work that I do, I strive to help clients reach their full potential and find their joy.

Specialities and Personal Interests:
Trauma Counselling
Post/Peri Partum Counselling

Qualifications and experience
10 years experience working in private practice.
BPsych from Midrand Graduate Institute.
Registration with HSPCA as Registered Counsellor  - PRC 001 7981.

Marlene Voss

I use a variety of therapeutic approaches, depending on the individual and the presenting symptoms, with an overreaching nonjudgemental approach of deep empathy.

Specialized and Professional Interests:
Sadness & Loss
Substance Dependence
Relationship Counseling
Family Counseling

Qualification and experience:
30 years of experience working with survivors of trauma, rape, and abuse.
Degree in Psychological Counseling from UNISA
Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling from SACAP

Language: English

Counseling Done in Whichever online platform suits the client, including texting and audio.

Cyril Chiloane

Mental health is not a destination but a process. It is about how you drive, not where you are going. I am passionate about supporting and empowering clients with adjusting well to life changes. I make use of an integrated approach and my preference for modalities is based on the client’s needs.

Specialized and Professional Interests:
Work-related stress
Gender-Based Violence
Relationship Counselling
Family Counselling
Grief and Bereavement Counselling
Stress/burnout Management

Qualification and experience:
5 years of experience working in private practice and Employee Assistance Wellness Programs.
BPsych (Pearson Institute of Higher Education now Eduvos).
Registration with HSPCA as Registered Counsellor  - PRC 0037516.

Languages: English, Sepedi, Setswana and Sotho

Counselling is facilitated on whichever online platform suits the client, including texting and audio.

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